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The Human Race :iconsleepy-the-bat:Sleepy-the-Bat 0 3
Semper Fi
I awoke to realize that I had no time
That today is when I will start to take back
Finished with the daily hassle and grime
It is time to get my life on the right track
Now to live my dream
Announcing my plans to soon begin anew
Family and friends their eyes begin to well
School and work are both important it is true
But if I live my dream with pride I will swell
Tomorrow begins a journey
Following my dream I sit inside my car
Thinking and smiling as I now leave behind
My job and my school and now raise the bar
The miles I have drove have paid off when I find
The port to adventure
Enter the recruiting station I shake hands
Sitting and talking of brighter tomorrows
The paperwork we signed and when I stand
Nothing but happiness and no more sorrows
I'm living my dream
Once again we talk business and we discuss
The life I'll live possibility of death
A rapid life change I'll begin living thus
My dream is here I'll be until my last breath
A Untied States Marine
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Death's Answer
Chapter I
    Death sat quietly in a meadow, the wind was combing the earth as it moved each blade of grass back and forth.  He watched a flower as the pedals moved slightly, refusing to leave the bud it was attached to despite the wind’s encouragement. To Death, it signified a certain persistence; that each being had its own way of holding on to life. He wanted to reach out and touch the pedals on the flower and feel their texture. However, he knew if he approached the flower, then it would die at his touch.
    Death loved this meadow and had come to know it well. He would often come here and watch the sun and the moon move across the skies. By now, he had learned every star in the night sky from this meadow and could draw an exact picture of every tree, flower, and constellation of stars. He even made it a point to stand on the peak of every mountain that stood proudly above the valley and
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Those who plan to not
Serve the Earth and plant a tree
Yet use the resource
To expand for their own sake
goes coffinless to the grave
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The Glory of the Warrior
The Glory of the Warrior (Vol I)
Countless stars shine in the skies tonight
Casting downward their everlasting light
For our warriors marching on so bold
Who declare their freedom will not be sold
Marching forevermore through endless fields
With glorious starlight cast on their shields
Together forever our hearts shall bind
As we still carry on wishing to find
What we’ve been searching for, it’s been so long
Remembered by elders in ancient song
Our ancient lore tells us a story
Of our destiny and of our glory
Could this be something we find after death
Where warriors find their eternal rest?
Or in a life beyond the midnight stars
Beyond their guidance cast away so far?
Either way we march on until the end
The stained battlefield still our only friend
For years I stood loyally by their sides
And we fought on and created our pride
As warriors in life fighting so bold
For we broke our last chains that bind and hold
Our members grew from so few to many
Now we’re gone to f
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Broken Hearts in Fantasies
Broken Hearts in Fantasies
With each passing season
I become more foreign to reason
Suffocating my pain inside
And my fears I cannot hide
Shattered are our last dreams
Still searching in vain it seems
For what we will never see
This is the truth to be
They feel it in their heart
Yet cry when it falls apart
Or is it all just a show
To seek pity when they’re low
Diamonds could just be a trend
Or a message lost to the wind
Love could just be a way
To have company for a day
Or are they honestly feeling
Something I’m just not seeing?
The whole thing just seems
Like they’re living in fantasies
Even the heroes who still live
Would have this advice to give
‘It’s good to have loved and lost
But broken hearts are love’s cost’.
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Reasons to Hold On
Reasons to Hold On
When the moonlight shines on the darkness of our lives
Guiding us to a land of power forever in our time
Wishing for one last time to be free from our strives
Our hopes and dreams leaving us and empty sublime
I listen to keep my life going in numb sanity
Never again will my moonlight shine, still I hold on
Empty yourself and void your mind of your vanity
And our fears, so adolescent, will be so wasted and gone
Stay awhile here on this page with me
Do you feel the sorrow of your life growing?
For whatever your fears and regrets may be
Remember, they always reap what they’re sewing
Don’t let emptiness be a sign of regret
Keep on searching in the moonlit night
And the past we've left behind, we will forget
We will live for the rights to pursue the moonlight
Now I believe you've heard my voice
There’s really nothing left to say
It’s time that you make a choice
You can find a path and choose your way
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Heart of Stone
Heart of Stone
The snow falls down tonight
The sun sets below the sky
To see this inspiring sight
To let time pass me by
The only thing I cannot see
The one thing that I'm still missing
Is you sitting next to me
Of you I'm still reminiscing
We could watch the day
Turning into the cold night
Not a word we'll say
But watch the fading light
When the stars come out
And the waters stand calm
All of our fading doubt
We'll forget our entire qualm
Tonight could have been perfect
But I sat there alone
My company you again neglect
With your heart of stone
:iconsleepy-the-bat:Sleepy-the-Bat 0 0
I still remember your loving word
In my mind your voice still rings
To make for me a perfect chord
That you might one day still sing
The life that we could've had
If you still held my hand
Now I am alone and so sad
Once again alone I still stand
I regret so much in my life
No other hand to hold
All the pain and all the strife
My heart turned so cold
Forgive me my dear princess love
You still have my hand to take
Your eyes shining bright like stars above
And as blue as a crystal lake
:iconsleepy-the-bat:Sleepy-the-Bat 0 0
Our Memories
Our Memories
The hours of the night
Slip silently past me
As I dream of you
All that we had
All that we shared
All that is gone
These are the hours
When my heart sings for you
Silently into the night
The hours of the day
Creep sadly past me
As I think of you
The girl that I had
The girl that I loved
The girl that is gone
These are the hours
When my heart bleeds for you
Screaming through the night
I beg of you to remember
The loved that we shared
Each day and night
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